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Laura Lykkegaard
Connector, Expeditor and Business developer

Laura Lykkegaard is a Danish Connector & Expeditor, and Business Developer with more than 25 years of business experience in South Africa.


Bo Koch-Christensen
Secretary-General of DABA

There isn’t much that Bo doesn’t know about the business world - and if an idea comes into his head, it’s realised pretty quickly.


Thomas Damgaard
CEo of Africa reframed

Thomas is the CEO of Africa Reframed, a visual media company working with African photographers helping Africans capture their lives.


Peter Vesterbacka
investor & serial entrepreneur

There’s not much to say about Peter Vesterbacka than what has been said already. Named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet.


Amie N’Dong
CEO and co-founder of Social Vanilla

Amie is the CEO and co-founder of Social Vanilla, a danish start-up selling premium vanilla grown by small-scale farmers while working to make the vanilla industry more socially and environmentally sustainable.


Ronny Eriksson
co-founder of Ambitious.Africa

Ronny is a serial entrepreneur heavily involved in the Helsinki startup scene, using his skills to build ecosystems where they are most needed.


Meghan McCormick
Co-Founder & CEO of OZÉ

Meghan is the Co-Founder & CEO of OZÉ, a fintech company that equips African entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions to both improve their business performance and access capital.

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Rolf Holmboe
Danish ambassador of the Republic of Mali

Rolf Holmboe is the current Danish ambassador to the Republic of Mali.  Rolf has previously served as Danish ambassador to Pakistan, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.


Ville Skinnari
Finnish Minister for Development Coordination and Foreign Trade

Before Ville entered politics he held many roles centred around international trade, including developing Nokia’s service business for the European and Asian markets.


Brian Baptista
Founder/Chairman of DABA

Brian has over 20 years of leadership experience within the education, consultancy, IT and healthcare sectors, having worked for multinational companies such as Lego and Radiometer Medical, owned by the NYSE-listed Danaher. Brian is a specialist in forming international commercial partnerships with public and private institutions across Africa.

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Lahcen Haddad
vice-chair of The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank

Before Lahcen entered Parliament and joined the Moroccan government in 2012, he worked as an international expert in strategic studies, democracy, governance and development, and as a certified expert in strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, diversity and entrepreneurship.


Trine Angeline Sig
Managing Director and co-founder of Real Relief

Trine is the Managing Director and co-founder of Real Relief - a Danish organisation that designs, manufactures and delivers lifesaving sustainable and environmentally friendly relief items for the humanitarian sector and those in need in developing countries.

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Sara Gottfredsen
Deputy Head of Mission to the Danish Embassy in Cairo

Sara is the current Deputy Head of Mission to the Danish Embassy in Cairo. Being based in Cairo since 2018, Sara initially started her work as the Head of Section relating to the African Development Bank before becoming Deputy Head of Mission, and has previous experience within the diplomatic and NGO sectors.

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Mads Galsgaard
CEO of Coderstrust

Mads is the CEO of Coderstrust, an organisation founded in 2014 with the aim of providing affordable, mentored, online education for all. Since its inception, Coderstrust has trained over 12,000 students worldwide. Mads will be speaking in the session centred around Edtech.

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Fatima Tambajang
Head of Business Relations and Investments at Mazzuma

Fatima is the Head of Business Relations and Investments at Mazzuma, a financially inclusive payments system utilising AI and blockchain technology that has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Maija Luukka
member of the LUT Entrepreneurship Society (LUTES)

Maija is a member of the LUT Entrepreneurship Society (LUTES) with broad experience in working in the startup ecosystem of Finland. As a Project Manager of LUTES, she has been in charge of a startup incubator, mentorship program as well as many smaller entrepreneurial projects.


Tarek Omran
Nordic Brand Ambassador for Future Place Leadership

Tarek will be one of the co-hosts for our event alongside Maija. Tarek is a Nordic Brand Ambassador for Future Place Leadership, and in this role promotes cross-cultural collaborations between the Nordic region and the African continent.


Kingsley J Ify
CEO of Springboard

Kingsley is the CEO of Springboard, a visionary platform that seeks to provide a forum for building sustainable growth by pairing the proven innovation and knowledge transfer credentials of the Nordics with the extensive growth and business potential in Africa – for mutual benefit.

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Dana Ansberga
Team Lead for Ambitious.Africa Denmark

Dana is the Team Lead for Ambitious.Africa Denmark, and has a background in guiding international teams through complex tasks in both the NGO and private sectors.

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Henrik Albertsen
CEO of Unumed

Henrik is the CEO of Unumed, an all-in-one Hospital Management System that enables optimised hospital management and improved delivery of healthcare services.

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Jacob Thorup Cohn
Director of Business Development at Missionpharma

Jacob is the Director of Business Development at Missionpharma, a leading global supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits for the benefit of the African population.

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Björn Ullbro
Vice-President for Europe and Africa at Wärtsilä

Björn is the Vice-President for Europe and Africa at Wärtsilä, a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifestyle solutions for the marine and energy markets.

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Ben White
founder and CEO of VC4A

Ben is the founder and CEO of VC4A, a fast-growing community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to building game-changing companies on the African continent founded in 2007.

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Sara Kobli
founder of Sunshine Danmark

Sara is the founder of Sunshine Danmark, a Nordic private organization supporting youth economic empowerment in Africa. 

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Nafissatou Tine
CEO and Founder of the start-up Sunulex Africa

Nafissatou is the CEO and Founder of the start-up Sunulex Africa, a digital platform for African legislations that offers access to more than 70,000 legal and tax documents to better prepare and/or develop its economic activity in Africa, by a simple subscription.

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Amadou Daffe
CEO and Co-founder of Gebeya, Inc.

Amadou is the CEO and Co-founder of Gebeya, Inc. a Pan-African online talent Marketplace that identifies the Best of African Talent, and matches them with cutting-edge projects from selective customers. 

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Moulaye Taboure
Co-Founder and CEO of Afrikrea

Moulaye is the Co-Founder and CEO of Afrikrea, an ecommerce marketplace that promotes African Entrepreneurs in the Creative industry. Afrikrea brings together thousands of sellers from Africa and all over the world.

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Jan Furuvald
Chairman of SWEACC

Jan Furuvald is serving as Chairman of SWEACC, the first Swedish chamber of commerce to focus on business opportunities in Africa. Jan is a specialist in business strategy, in managing organizational changes and in business development processes.

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Eivind Fjeldstad
CEO of the Norwegian-African Business Alliance (NABA)

Eivind is the CEO of the Norwegian-African Business Alliance (NABA), a platform that fosters networking between Norwegian and African organisations, as well as increasing knowledge about the African business sector and emerging markets.

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Maakwe Cumanzala
development economics researcher

Maakwe is a development economics researcher and a graduate student at the Stockholm School of Economics. She is passionate about the intersection of development, economic policy/analysis and entrepreneurship.